We guide you through the process of obtaining a German residence permit.

Germany is the business centre of Europe. It offers free education, excellent medical care, economic growth, safe and clean environment. Settling in Germany is for many the first choice. All it takes is a three step process:

  1. Set up a German limited liability company
  2. Obtain approval for your Business Plan
  3. Submit your application for your German Temporary Residence valid for 3 years

Once your application has been granted, you and your family have immediate access to Germany’s health care and education system. After three years of running a successful business and living in Germany you can apply to convert your residence permit to a permanent residency. After additional few years you can apply for a German passport.

There are also other routes to German residency which are all far more cost effective than in many other countries. Our law firm can advise you on how to get you to Germany.

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